Скачать игру Project Myriam для ПК

Game size: 1.1Gb
Year: 2021
Updated: 20.05.22
Versions: Ch.4.02a Rus / Ch.4.03 Eng
You will be playing as a young woman who is also a wife and mother, you’ll help her navigate the challenges of a new city and the transition from a sheltered life. Will she embrace her newfound independence, or will she retreat to the comfort of a subservient lifestyle? Will she take risks and explore her suppressed desires and newfound opportunities, or will she succumb to the pressures of daily life? Will she follow the wise counsel of good people or be swayed by manipulative influences? With all the strange events that she will encounter, the decisions she makes will ultimately be up to you.

Installation and play:
– Run the installation of the .apk file;
– Play.