Year: 2020
Game size: 3Gb
Game language: Russian/English
Interface language: Russian/English
Updated: 18.09.23
Crack: Not required
Version: v.0.32.1 Rus / v.0.42.0 Eng
Platform: OS Windows
This game follows a young man who resides in a small Commune with a Mother Superior, Holy Father, and two novice Sisters. However, his life is turned upside down when the Father is arrested for financial theft, causing the Commune to start anew from scratch. Their new home is a dingy motel with only two rooms – all they can afford.

As the protagonist, you now become the leader of the Commune, and it’s up to you to determine their future. Keep in mind that you’ll be sharing a room or bed with one of the women, so you must navigate the challenges of communal living while trying to rebuild the Commune’s fortunes.