Year: 2023
Game size: 2.5Gb
Game language: Russian/English
Interface language: Russian/English
Updated: 29.11.23
Crack: Not required
Version: Ch.3 R1
Platform: OS Windows
Across the vast expanses of Earth, a new war unfolds, where ambitious demons, once bowing before the throne of a mighty lord of darkness, engage in a struggle for power. The mysterious liberation of an influential seat propels less powerful demons towards the summit, where they dream of establishing their own order.
You, a stranger in this chaos, find yourself drawn into devious events. Shortly after awakening, you are attacked, and that would have been the final event in your short life if not for the intervention of your father. After calming down a bit and understanding the situation, you realize that you have been transported to another world where a fierce battle for power is underway. Your task is to gather strength by winning devoted followers, primarily women captivated by your demon charm. Enchant and distort their paths as you strive for a stable life. And perhaps, at the end of your journey, you may ascend to the pinnacle of power.